Hidden Treasures: The 1962 Impala Demonstrates that All-Original, Unaltered Chevrolets Can Be Found in Unexpected Places

It might sound easy at first, but finding the right project for restoration is a heck of a challenge. Most candidates come with rusty metal, locked engines, and rusty undersides, so professional restorers or petrolheads doing this as a hobby must keep searching.

A matching-numbers, all-original, and unmolested classic Impala is a big surprise.

Someone on Craigslist has recently posted a 1962 Impala that looks like the perfect restoration candidate, sporting a rough shape but still exhibiting the attributes you’re likely interested in.

The photos speak for themselves and suggest this Impala might have been stored inside, possibly under a cover. The body rust is likely surface damage, but you should thoroughly inspect the floors and the trunk. Nevertheless, the car still looks very solid, so whoever cared for this Impala knew what they were doing very well.

Unfortunately, we’re not getting any information on the engine under the hood. While we do know that the vehicle sports a matching-numbers V8, I have no clue if the unit is still starting. In theory, it’s the original engine the car was born with, but it’s impossible to tell if the owner already rebuilt the engine.

The 1962 Impala witnessed big chances in terms of engines.

The standard V8 was still the 283 (4.3-liter) unit, but Chevrolet dropped the more powerful versions and introduced the 327 (4.7-liter) small-block. The new engine was available with either 250 or 300 horsepower and rapidly became a very popular choice on the 1962 Impala.

The GM brand abandoned the 348 (5.7-liter) and went all-in on the 409. The big-block version joined the Impala lineup with two power ratings, 380 and 409 horsepower, with the latter sporting a pair of four-barrel carburetors for more power.

This 1962 Impala also comes with factory air conditioning, but without more specifics, I can’t tell if it still works – it probably doesn’t, as a car this old rarely blows cold unless serviced.

A 1962 Impala still flexing all-original parts is a very rare find. An unmolested example is even rarer, as owners sometimes customize their cars or try to fix them independently, turning to amateurish paint jobs and cheap repairs.

Such a rare mix doesn’t sell for cheap, and anyone in the restoration business knows that such an Impala comes with a hefty price tag, especially if it’s complete. The owner expects to get at least $17,000 for this 1962 hardtop – the price also indicates the original V8 is in working condition and the car is complete. You should still try to see the vehicle in person before committing to a purchase, so reach out to the seller and then book a plane ticket to Inglewood (close to Los Angeles), where the vehicle is now parked.

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