Left in the Shadows: 1960 Impala Abandoned Under a Carport, Yearning to Reunite with Its Bel Air Sibling.

Chevrolet launched the Impala as a Bel Air version in 1958, but a year later, the company decided to promote it to a stand-alone series thanks to the overnight success it recorded from the first months of availability.

The second-generation Impala was available for two years, in 1959 and 1960, with both introducing additional refinements to a nameplate that later became the best-selling car in the United States.

1960 witnessed the return of the three round taillights and the debut of new technology, such as cruise control.

Despite launching as a Bel Air version and embracing different paths, Impala continued to share most parts and engines with the other full-size model in Chevrolet’s lineup. As a result, many people trying to restore an Impala turn to Bel Air donors for the necessary parts, as certain model years are nearly identical.

The 1960 Impala and Bel Air that someone posted on Craigslist is a perfect match, selling together for an almighty project that could eventually bring a full-size Chevy back to the road.

Both cars are hardtops and look like they’ve been sitting under a carport for many years. The owner shared a few details about them, but they claim the Impala is complete and sells with a title, while the Bel Air is a donor that should only be used for parts. We’re not getting any information about the engines, but considering the Impala is complete, we should assume something is still there.

The 1960 Impala was available with the same engines as the previous model year. The lazy six-cylinder unit was the right choice for those who wanted a fancy companion to the supermarket, while the V8 units were the 283 (4.3-liter) and the 348 (5.7-liter), both with carburetors. The fuel-injected 348 was pulled on the 1960 Impala.

While we don’t know if this 1960 Impala comes with a straight-six or a V8, I can only hope it’s not locked up from sitting, as both cars look like they’ve been sleeping in the same place for a very long time. The owner says most trim is in the trunks, so in theory, you should get the full lineup to bring the Impala back to the road.

The 2-door hardtops won’t sell cheaply, which makes perfect sense. You get a complete 1960 Impala plus a donor to help you with the restoration. You should inspect them thoroughly before committing to a purchase, as the photos indicate they both require major metal work. You can have both for $10,000, and if you want to check them out live, you must get a plane ticket to Salem, Oregon, where the two are now sleeping. A trailer is the only way to take the two Chevys back home

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