Discovery After Owner’s Passing: Unveiling a 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS Sheltered under a Tarp, with Positive Big-Block Updates from the Wife.

Historically speaking, 1963 will remain in automotive history as the year when Chevrolet built its 50 millionth vehicle. Unsurprisingly, the GM brand picked an Impala Super Sport to celebrate this event, so the company invited the New York governor to drive the car outside the local factory.

Impala SS was Chevrolet’s icing on the performance cake, coming with sporty upgrades that guaranteed a more thrilling experience behind the wheel.

The 409 big block was the top option, with three power ratings, namely 340, 400, and 425 horsepower. The Turbo-Fire unit fitted the Impala SS like a glove, especially when ordered in the 425-horsepower configuration. It used two four-barrel carburetors and an aluminum intake for the power boost.

A 1963 Impala SS sitting for more than a decade is now ready to return to the road, with the seller claiming the car recently received a second chance after getting pulled from a barn. The car slept under a cover since 2010, when the owner passed, and the wife said the interior restoration was suspended before reaching the final step. The cabin still looks good, and so do the trunk and the floors, which typically face a very aggressive rust invasion on cars sitting in storage for many years.

The Impala SS looks ready for a complete restoration, and based on the available information, the project wouldn’t require too many difficult fixes.

The engine under the hood probably requires some attention, but its current condition is unclear. This Impala SS rolled off the assembly lines with a 409 inside, and the owner’s wife claims the engine was still running when the vehicle moved to storage.

eBay seller heim.d8 says they didn’t try to start the car, and considering the 409 hasn’t started in more than a decade, it’s probably safe to assume it’ll require at least the typical maintenance work.

The rust doesn’t seem to be an issue on this Impala. The car needs some occasional metal work due to the humidity under the cover, but otherwise, you won’t have to replace any panels or deal with extensive rot.

The car has already caught the attention of Impala fans worldwide, so the auction received six bids in just a few hours online. The top offer is currently $16,300, but the reserve is still in place, so the WWW must do better to unlock the vehicle. The Impala is currently waiting for a new owner in San Tan Valley, Arizona, and given the engine’s condition, you’ll need a trailer to take it home. You should also bring a good mechanic to inspect everything thoroughly.

The bidding will end in approximately six days, so you must hurry to see it in person before committing to a purchase.

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