Decay on Private Grounds: 1960 Chevy Impala, Long Neglected, Longs to Rediscover the Feel of a 348 Engine

Chevrolet launched the Impala in 1958, two years after the car smiled as a concept in front of the audience. The GM brand started with baby steps, so the original Impala debuted as the top Bel Air version.

It didn’t take long before Chevrolet realized the Impala’s potential, so the car graduated to a stand-alone series in 1959.

The second-generation Impala stayed in production for just two years, with the 1959 and 1960 model years sporting significant changes, including in styling. The engine lineup remained unchanged, with Chevrolet updating the powertrain offering in 1961 when the third-generation series received the go-ahead (and the famous Super Sport received the green light for production).

A 1960 2-door hardtop is fighting for survival on Craigslist, as the owner decided to post it online, hoping someone is brave enough to begin a restoration project.

The owner says the car is “fairly complete,” though the two most important parts you won’t find on this Impala are the engine and the transmission. It’s a shame they’re missing, as the car rolled off the assembly lines with a 348 (5.7-liter) – this was the most powerful choice on the 1960 Impala. However, fortunately, you can still find a period-correct unit if you want to restore the car to factory specifications.

Most likely, this car served as a donor for another Impala project, so you should thoroughly inspect it in case other parts are also missing.

Its condition is easy to anticipate, as this Impala looks like it’s been sitting in someone’s yard for a very long time. The body doesn’t look good but doesn’t seem to be completely wrecked. However, I expect worse news regarding the floors and the trunk, mainly because rust typically invades these parts. A car sitting outside can’t come with perfect floors unless someone previously performed some metal work, so inspect these parts thoroughly before committing to a purchase.

Based on the photos, it’s hard to tell if the car is original, but I believe it is, especially because it’s been abandoned for such a long time on private property. Restoring it will still be challenging, but the lack of an engine and a transmission leaves the door open for a restomod project if you have another powertrain in the house waiting for a project.

The owner seems very optimistic about the selling price, as they expect to get around $8,500 for the car. This ambitious price tag makes sense only if an engine is still in the car, so it’ll be hard to convince someone to buy this Impala without dropping the price first. If you want to see the vehicle in person, you must travel to Oregon (the car is sleeping close to Salem).

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