Unrestored Survivor: A 1959 Chevy Impala That Deserves a Special Place, Not on the Street

Chevrolet presented the Impala as a concept in 1956, and it needed just two years to bring it to mass production. The company didn’t want to rush the debut of the Impala, so it launched the car as the top Bel Air version before promoting it to a stand-alone series in 1959.

Impala and Bel Air continued to share almost everything, but Chevrolet slowly started paying more attention to the first. The latter became a second-class citizen of its lineup despite still controlling a solid customer base in the United States.
The 1959 Impala was the first in a series of big releases that eventually turned Chevrolet into the kind of full-size sales in the United States. The company later became the undisputed leader in its home market, with Impala also setting major sales records. In 1965, Impala became the first model in the US after World War II to sell more than 1 million units.

A 1959 Impala that has never been restored is now looking for a new home on eBay, requiring absolutely no fixes to return to the world.

The photos are worth a thousand words and perfectly show the Impala’s beautiful condition. eBay seller bocollect says the Impala is still unrestored, and the previous owners properly cared for it, maintaining its excellent shape and working condition.
The engine runs smoothly, the seller says, with the car still flexing the original 283 that Chevrolet installed before it rolled off the assembly lines. The 283 was the base V8 on the 1959 Impala, with the 348 remaining the big-block option.

The odometer indicates 85,000 miles, and the mileage is original, which makes sense considering the car is still unrestored.

Everything you see on this Impala is in tip-top shape, starting with the body and the Highland Green paint and ending with the clean interior that looks nearly spotless. The vehicle exhibits zero rust, but this isn’t necessarily a surprise, given how well it looks. The car needs nothing to become a daily driver, though it’s very clear from all these tidbits that this Impala should be in someone’s collection, away from things like rain and snow.

An all-original and unrestored Impala is typically worth a small fortune, and this 1959 hardtop makes no exception. The owner posted the car on eBay with an $80,000 price tag, but they also enabled the Make Offer button, so contact them to discuss additional details if you believe the Impala has a place in your garage. The interest in the car appears high, as over 70 people are already monitoring the listing. If you want to see the Impala in person and admire the original lines of a 1959 hardtop, you must travel to Carmel, Indiana

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