Dynamic Duo: 1964 Chevy Impala SS Sold Alongside Its Standard Sibling

With Chevrolet already giving the finishing touches to a new-generation Impala due in 1965, the 1964 model year witnessed only subtle occasional improvements.

One of the most notable was the return of the 409 engine as a big-block option, fitting the SS version like a glove.

Someone on eBay is selling not one but two separate and complete Impalas, and best of all, one comes with the SS tags that everybody drools over. The second Impala is a standard one-owner model, but the good news is that both are complete and still feature the original engines and everything else.

The photos speak for themselves and confirm that the duo comes in typical project car condition, so both cars will require the usual metal work.

There’s rust on the floors and trunk, but the SS looks more solid than its standard sibling. It survived the test of time much better, possibly because it didn’t always sleep under the clear sky. The standard Impala looks rough, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the car hasn’t moved in decades.

Both Impalas are complete, so despite their rough shape, you should be able to put together a single car wearing the mesmerizing SS tags. The engines are there, but that’s all the information we get, so it’s impossible to tell if they work.

The SS engine looks like it already received some repairs, so fingers crossed for the mill to at least turn over by hand. I wouldn’t get the hopes too high on the other Impala, as the engine looks like it’s already seized. I hope I’m wrong, as the engine is still complete, so with a little luck, you could buy two Impalas with two working engines.

Complete Impalas are a rare sight, especially because many standard models serve as projects for their SS siblings. It’s what will eventually happen in the case of this duo, too, as the base Impala will probably help someone bring the SS back to the road. However, if you have the missing parts, you can always restore both cars and make a good profit, especially as they are complete, so you shouldn’t invest too much on this front.
The duo is ready to go for $8,000, which seems to be a fair price, considering you’re getting not one but two Impalas. They are rough, that’s true, but you rarely find an SS and a secondary car to help with the restoration, so if you’re interested in the project, you should go to Malta, Illinois, to see the cars in person.

Seller hollywood-motorsports-il didn’t enable the Make Offer button, so the price is firm, but considering the listing will expire in a little over one day, you might be able to negotiate the price

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