Surprise Powerhouse: 1961 Chevy Impala Rescued From a Tennessee Barn Unveils a Massive Secret Beneath the Hood

1961 was the big year that brought us the Impala SS, paving the road for a superstar that eventually brought its performance goodies to many other Chevrolet nameplates, including the Chevelle and Nova.

The Super Sport wasn’t so impressive from the very beginning. The package could be had for $53.80 and included mostly performance upgrades unrelated to the engine. Six-cylinder Impala SS cars became more common throughout the years, despite not making any sense for people who know what a Super Sport is all about.

A 1961 Chevrolet Impala recently recovered from a barn in Tennessee has just started searching for a new owner. It made its way to eBay courtesy of seller johnj3831, who did not reveal how long the car has been sitting in hiding.

However, the Impala comes with very solid metal, which could be a sign that the car hasn’t been hiding for too many years. It’s good news, though, especially as the vehicle allows for an easy restoration. You’ll find rust damage on the typical suspects, but the issue is only on the surface, with no signs of rot.

The car looks like it has already been restored, as the interior has been replaced by a previous owner. It’s complete, and if something is missing, the owner says the car still comes with many extras to help with the restoration.

The engine under the hood is probably the biggest surprise on this Impala, aside from the barn dust that makes the car very special, especially for connoisseurs.

The engine is a 427 big-block that has already been rebuilt. The owner says the work was a professional job made by SK Speed Shop in Long Island, so it should now start and run like a new unit. It delivers massive power, though no other specifics were shared, though it’s safe to assume the Impala is mechanically ready for the road.

The vehicle also features power steering, power front disc brakes, an aluminum radiator with dual fans, and other goodies that’ll pave the way for a glorious return to the road.

It’s not hard to figure out that this Impala can become a head-turning machine once it hits the road, though the first step is finding a new home that’ll provide it with shelter and a chance to get all the required repairs.

The owner wants $26,000 for the Impala, and no other offers are seemingly accepted. If you want to see this Impala in person, which I recommend, considering it’s a project sitting in a barn, you must go to Levittown, New York. And despite the tip-top engine, you should still take it on a trailer because the car isn’t 100 percent prepared for the road

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