Rediscovered After 50 Years: 1960 Chevrolet Impala Unearthed in Garage with Only 14K Miles

Chevrolet Impala came to be in 1958 as the top-of-the-line Bel Air, but it was only a matter of months before the GM brand realized its new nameplate’s potential.

Impala gained series status in 1959, so it started the adventure of making its name for itself without Bel Air’s help, though it continues to share many parts and engines.

The second-generation Impala debuted in 1959 and remained in production for two years before Chevrolet rolled out a completely redesigned model and the Super Sport model that later became a pioneer of performance upgrades for the lineup.

Despite being part of the same generation, the 1959 and 1960 Impalas sport several differences, especially in looks, where Chevrolet has been experimenting with various changes, including to the front and rear.

A 1960 Impala pulled from a garage with incredible mileage is probably the best way to figure out what the original model was about, as it’s a time capsule that flexes just an unfortunate change – which, fortunately, you can still undo.

First, let’s review the essential tidbits. The car was parked in a garage for 50 years. It spent five decades under covers, so it somehow retained its original condition without requiring major repairs. When the owner found the car, the odometer indicated only 14,000 miles. They pulled the Impala, replaced all fluids, installed new hoses, a new radiator, a new gas tank, and a horrible airslamit air ride suspension (don’t get me wrong, airslamit makes awesome products, but it makes no sense to ruin the car’s original magic with such an upgrade, especially considering the incredibly low miles).
The good news is that the kit can be easily removed, so if you want to return to the original setup, a good mechanic should be able to do it in a few hours.

Since it left the garage, the Impala added 3,500 more miles to the clock, so it still flexes a mileage that makes it an amazing survivor.

It’s unclear if the car has ever been restored, but the owner says the engine starts and runs like a new unit. A car sitting for 50 years rarely comes with a mill in tip-top shape, so I believe the Impala received at least a partial restoration.
The interior is also mesmerizing, so your best option is to book a ticket to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and inspect everything in person.

The selling price makes sense for an Impala in this condition, as the owner wants $55,000 for the car. The auction starts at $10,000, but a reserve is also in place, meaning that the bidding must go significantly higher before anyone can even dream of taking the vehicle home. The auction started by seller vparis6969 ends in approximately five days.

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