1958 Chevrolet Impala: After 46 Years Off the Road, Flaunting Texas Sunburn and Mighty V8 Muscle

Chevrolet launched the Impala in 1958 as the top version of the Bel Air, equipping the car with the best the company had at that point.

The engine lineup included a little something for everybody, beginning with lazy six-cylinder mills for people interested in picking up groceries and ending with massive V8 muscle for adrenaline seekers.

The 348 big-block was available with a four-barrel carburetor in the base Turbo-Thrust configuration with 250 horsepower.


The upgraded sibling was known as Super Turbo-Thrust and spotted three two-barrel carburetors rated at 280 horsepower. The king of the castle was the Special Turbo-Thrust, which used a single four-barrel carburetor to develop 305 horsepower. Later in the model year, Chevrolet also introduced the Special Super Turbo-Thrust option with a trio of two-barrel carburetors and a maximum output of 315 horsepower.


The 1958 Impala posted on eBay by seller autocity1958 comes with the three-carburetor setup, and the good news is that the car has already made its first major step towards a potential restoration with a rebuilt engine. The owner says the car has been sitting for at least 46 years, as the last time it was on the road was in 1977.

Luckily, someone moved it to a garage in 1992 to preserve its condition, so it’s not a complete wreck today. It’s clearly a challenging project, but it looks better than many other 1958 Impalas that have been sitting under the clear sky.


The vehicle flexes the typical Texas sunburn and rust in the usual places, though I can’t help but emphasize that the metal damage isn’t as heavy as many people would expect. The rust only made its way to the metal surface, so the floors don’t exhibit any holes. The owner has already put the car on a lift, so you can inspect the undersides in the photos. At first glance, it doesn’t look like the car will require major rust repairs, but you should still inspect the car yourselves before committing to a purchase.


The Impala sells with many extra parts to help you with the restoration, but it’s unclear if the vehicle is still complete. It probably isn’t, but this is unsurprising, considering it’s a car that rolled off the assembly lines 65 years ago and has been sitting for decades.

A 1958 Impala is a legend, and it can end up costing a small fortune in tip-top shape. A spotless 1958 Impala can easily sell for $100k if restored to the factory specifications, and the seller knows they own a true gem. That’s why they won’t let the car go cheaply, as they expect to get $29,000. The Impala is parked in Isanti, Minnesota, likely in a garage away from sun and rain

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