1964 Buick Electra Revealed with Extremely Low Mileage, Showcasing “Unbelievable” Power

Buick Electra underwent several changes in the first half of the ’60s, especially as the GM brand continuously tried to find the perfect recipe for a car whose competitors were becoming increasingly more popular.

After rolling out a major redesign in 1961, Buick decided to drop the Electra nameplate and stick with the Electra 225 for the next model years. The total output in 1964 got close to 70,000 units, with the “new” Electra available as a sedan, a convertible, and a two-door sports coupe.
A convertible that has likely been sleeping in a garage for a very long time has recently emerged from hiding, flexing a condition that makes it a rare time capsule.While it’s hard to tell if the vehicle is 100 percent original, the owner says the main selling point is the overall mechanical condition, with everything in perfect working shape. The engine has “unbelievable power,” they say, while the brakes and suspensions require zero repairs.


The original owner recently passed away, but they properly cared for the car, preventing the rust from invading the floors, the trunk, and the other metal parts. It doesn’t mean everything is in tip-top shape, but overall, this Electra looks impressive for a car this old. The seller put the car on a lift and took photos of the undersides, revealing minor surface rust that has yet to produce substantial damage.
The paint looks good (I believe it’s the factory paint, but I could be wrong given the owner did not share any information in this regard), but a collector would still want to resolve all the small dings and scratches for a perfect exterior.While the engine runs and drives perfectly, it fails to answer the essential options. First, I can’t tell if this is the original unit. Second, it’s unclear whether the V8 has ever been rebuilt.


All Buick Electras rolled off the assembly lines with a 401 V8 until 1966, but the 1964 model year also witnessed the debut of an optional 425 V8 big-block unit with 360 horsepower.The owner says the odometer indicates a low mileage, though they can’t guarantee it’s original. The car has just 20,000 miles (about 32,000 km) on the clock, and if original, it makes the Electra a rare time capsule whose place is in someone’s garage.


The selling price isn’t surprising, given all of the above, as seller yabesaygreg hopes to get $19,000 for this rare Buick Electra. The car sells at a fixed price (not an auction), but the Make Offer button is active if someone has another deal in mind. The vehicle is sleeping in Miami, so contact the seller if you want to inspect it in person

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