Weathered 1965 Chevrolet Impala Convertible Appears Forlorn Amidst Newer Vehicles

Chevrolet Impala was already a popular model in 1965, but the debut of the fourth generation pushed the car’s customer appeal through the roof.

The Impala sold so well in 1965 that it became the first car in the United States to ship more than 1 million units in a single year. It was the confirmation that the GM brand was doing the right job, especially when it came to yearly updates and the engine offering.
Chevrolet was still trying to make the Impala the full-size car for everybody, so the engine lineup included a wide range of choices, from lazy six-cylinder units to massive big-block V8s with a lot of power.

A 1965 Impala is now available from Craigslist, though the car exhibits nothing that reminds of the fourth-generation’s glory. It’s a rusty project that looks like it requires a ton of work to even become road-worthy.

Unfortunately, the seller hasn’t shared too many specifics, so while the Impala is intriguing, the only way to decide if it’s worth a second chance is to see it in person. Parked in some sort of junkyard but sitting next to newer cars, the Impala convertible is rapidly becoming a wreck, especially as it looks like it hasn’t moved in a very long time.
The removable top looks ruined, and the body will require a lot of work to get rid of all the rust that invaded most panels. I don’t expect good news on the floor front, and the trunk pan can’t look better.
Probably the only good tidbit is the V8 under the hood, though you should also expect it to no longer start. There’s a good chance the engine is seized, too, in which case it could make more sense to replace it altogether rather than try to save it. An automatic transmission is still in the car, though it’s unclear if this is the original unit that came with the Impala in 1965 when it rolled off the assembly lines.
A 1965 Impala convertible is typically an intriguing restoration candidate, but the lack of information could make many people walk away. The seller does not answer the essential questions, so it’s impossible to tell whether the car is still complete (I suppose not), all original (it might be, considering it’s been abandoned for a while), and the engine is still alive.

Despite the missing tidbits, they still expect the car to sell for big bucks. The owner expects to get $12,500 for this Impala convertible, and you can see it in Los Angeles. You’ll probably need a trailer to take it home, given its current shape and likely the non-working engine. The car certainly doesn’t look road-worthy, so bring in a good mechanic to inspect what’s under the hood, too

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