Rescued in the ’90s by a Ford Dealer, 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Reveals Surprisingly Low Mileage

The Galaxie was a great car whose success was limited by the fierce competition in the full-size market, especially in the mid-’60s when Chevrolet and Impala dominated the sector in the United States.

The introduction of a new generation in 1965 brought notable changes to the Galaxie lineup, starting with the all-new design with vertical headlights and ending with several engine refinements and new mills delivering more power.

1966 witnessed the debut of the Ford Galaxie 500 7 Liter, a model whose engine was bored from the Ford Thunderbird. Sporting a displacement of 428 cubic inches, the massive V8 developed 345 horsepower, becoming the top choice in the Galaxie lineup.

The two-door hardtop posted on eBay by seller geoffsh68 rolled off the assembly lines with the most common choice for this model year – the 289 V8.
The owner describes the car as a time capsule, and based on their description, the Galaxie gets incredibly close to this desirable condition.

A Ford dealer in upstate New York originally saved the vehicle. They traded the car and decided to keep it thanks to its stunning shape, so the Galaxie ended up in a private collection. It was properly cared for, so it still exhibits an incredible shape inside and outside.
The paint is only approximately 80 percent original, as the Galaxie has allegedly received some previous body repairs, but everything inside is untouched. The photos indicate that the cabin is spotless, as the headliner and the seats look like in a new car. The owner says the vinyl roof is also spotless, and so is the carpet and the dash pad.

Unsurprisingly, the engine starts, runs, and drives perfectly, but the next surprise comes from the odometer. The mileage is incredible, as the odometer shows only a little over 20,000 miles. They’re all original, as the odometer never rolled over, and considering the car’s shape, it’s understandable. The Galaxie spent most of its life in a garage, especially after the Ford dealer saved it, so it didn’t have the chance to add more miles.

The Galaxie isn’t the most desirable classic today, despite making for a great collectible when flexing a spotless shape. This convertible qualifies for a time capsule whose place should be in someone’s collection, so I don’t expect the car to remain available for long.

The owner sells the Galaxie 500 at $22,500, but they also enabled the Make Offer button, meaning interested buyers should contact them to discuss additional details if they want the car. You probably won’t be able to drop the price substantially, considering the low miles and the vehicle’s great shape.

Interested buyers can see the car in person in Milford, Massachusetts, and they should theoretically be able to drive it home on its wheels

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