April Rose, the Playboy Bombshell, Discusses Her Passion for Muscle Cars

She’s a keeper! That’s what we’d say in the imaginary world where we knew somebody this hot yet into cars. Only a day ago, we talked about the Playboy Playmate of the Year 2016, who received a Fiat 124 Spider, but didn’t seem to like cars all that much. That’s not the case with April Rose here, whose love for classic motors has restored our faith in humanity. No, really!

April Rose: Passion Meets Compassion – dorevmi.com

April even talks like one of the guys, saying that her No.1 favorite car changes all the time. Don’t we all have that problem? From the start, you get the feeling that she’s not talking about Range Rovers or even the Fiat 500, but about something more serious.And then it hits you: she loves classic muscle cars from the 1960s, especially the first Mustang. She wouldn’t be the first girl to like the Mustang. In fact, the pony car has always been associated with Playboy bunnies.

April Rose on X: "On my way! First time back at @Barrett_Jackson since the Speed/FoxSports days. Teaming back up to expand their digital channel! Can't wait to reconnect with the family! ♥️

She might talk like one of the guys, but she doesn’t look like them. The Chicago girl has had 28 years to develop some amazing curves. But that’s not all she’s been doing. She’s worked with various charities and had two… make that three amazing jobs.

One would be the MTV show Guy Code, followed by a long collaboration with Maxim. Thanks to that, the Internet is flooded with pictures of her in various skimpy outfits. Finally, she also worked as a presenter for the Barrett-Jackson auctions. The reason you don’t recognize her is that she used to be a dirty blonde.

Host and Model April Rose Talks Her Love for American Muscle Cars (While Posing on One) - video Dailymotion

As you all know, Playboy made an important change this year. One of the most popular man’s magazines of all time will no longer be showing fully nude girls. Somehow, this controversial decision is working for a lot of people, as the fact that we want to see more of the girls’ bodies makes us stick around for an article or two.

Playboy Hottie April Rose Talks About Her Muscle Car Love - autoevolution

And hey, this has to be one of the sexiest videos uploaded to YouTube all week. Playboy wasn’t this cool back in the days of nudity.

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