Witness the Revival of a Once Left-For-Dead 1963 Mercury Comet Custom as It Comes Back to Life

1963 Comet Custom engine work David Wheeler Georgia

The first order of work is to clear the massive pile of dried plant and animal waste that covers the 260 cu. in. Challenger V8, an engine option that Ford lifted from the Fairlane. Then, Rev unsticks the carburetor manually and replaces dead distributor points. He hooks up a borrowed battery to use a tap starter. The engine runs, if only for a moment.

The Old Man must then free the car from surrounding trees with a chainsaw. Rev decides to hot-wire the car but first must swap out a chewed-up spark plug wire. His next tasks are to replace the dying battery and tap-start from underneath the car. This time, the motor almost cranks. Jacking up the car and replacing the failing old starter might just be the answer.

Watch This Left-For-Dead 1963 Mercury Comet Custom Return To Life

Removing the old starter takes Rev two hours. The new starter is also problematic due to its updated configuration. Rev’s workaround is to install the old nose on the new starter. Finally, after several more tries, the engine runs more consistently. Rev and his dad unstick the wheels and replace the tires before taking the Comet back to the shop.

On the way home, the car’s hood flew up and ripped off. Despite this mishap, Rev wants to get the classic Mercury running reliably as well as to replace the carburetor and brakes. It’s a lot of work but the rewards are well worth it

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