Discover the Intriguing Reasons Behind Why This Fantastic Oldsmobile 442 Remained Locked in a Barn for Three Decades

Barn finds are some of the coolest classic cars out there. The thought of a car, perhaps a rare one, having sat around undiscovered is pretty special. Such as this epic Oldsmobile 442 barn find that Madden Madness on YouTube recently discovered. It is a 1977 Oldsmobile 442 to be exact, and this is a true barn find. Many cars like this are often hiding in big warehouses or clean garages. But this Oldsmobile is in a little shed, making it as close to a real barn find as possible.

This car has a pretty special family connection too. It was in fact owned by the father of the YouTuber who has unearthed it after 30 years. Meaning there is even more incentive to getting the car out of its little home. The Oldsmobile ran for years under the ownership of his father before a few knocking sounds caused him to park it up and place it into storage for 30 years. The garage certainly looks to have seen better days, but it seems that the car has survived quite well. It’s time to get it back into the sunlight again.

His Father Locked The Oldsmobile 442 In A Barn After His Engagement

The backstory to this Oldsmobile is quite a special one. The car belonged to the father of Madden who is getting the car out of the barn. He bought the car to get him through college, one that he bought back in 1985. The car got him through college and beyond with the Oldsmobile even going through a repaint at one point. In 1993 though the Oldsmobile started to make those knocking sounds. Plus, his father got engaged to his mother around that time. Hence, the car was then shoved into the garage.

This is where the story could have ended for the Oldsmobile. It’s been 30 years since it first sat in the barn, so a lot of dirt and grime is now covering the Oldsmobile. Something that caused an issue for the Madden brothers when it came to getting the car out was the angle that it was awkwardly parked at in the garage. It was not centered and did not align with the door. This meant an old shelf that was close to the car needed removing, before the tires were all filled with air and it was time to get the car out of the garage.

The Oldsmobile Sees Sunlight For The First Time

Oldsmobile 442 Barn Find Rear Quarter View

The brothers hook the Oldsmobile up and get it pulled out via a truck. They took it very carefully, and would realign the truck with the door and before too long the car was out of the garage. They did though just clip the door with the rear bumper. So the Oldsmobile was back out in the open for the first time in 30 years. There was a lot of dirt and dust covering the Oldsmobile but on the inside it was in surprisingly good condition.

Two swivel bucket seats were then bought for the car at the time and they also came out of the garage too. These look a bit worse for wear, and Madden’s father clearly never put them in the Oldsmobile back in the day. The next step was to get the car on a trailer to take it away. This proved tricky as the front left tire had a huge hole in it so deflated in an instant. They kept the air connected to the tire so they could get it onto the trailer and away from its home of 30 years.

The Oldsmobile Finally Leaves Its 30-Year Home

Oldsmobile 442 Barn Find Front Quarter View On Trailer

A custom ramp setup gave the Maddens some issues, but soon it was on the trailer and ready to go. The neighbors also had a muscle car of their own sat outside, so maybe that is something else that can get recovered one day. The Oldsmobile though is at last heading away from its home. The brothers went to get this car running and back on the road, but they aren’t sure what will happen next with the Oldsmobile. The hope is though that after one or two projects have been all done, they can get working on this car.

A Car Getting The Clean It Deserves

Oldsmobile 442 Barn Find Front Quarter View After Cleaning

The brothers though do at least give the Oldsmobile 442 a bit of a clean, and it looks stunning now all the dirt and grime is taken off it. Given this has sat for some 30 years it is in remarkably good condition. Remember too, this car did have a repaint at some point before it went away in the garage. The dirt getting washed away certainly shows the poor state of the tires. They definitely can’t get used again! For this family though it is great to see this lovely car back out in the open and with the chance to run once again

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