Secrets of the Texas Ghost Farm, Over 100 Abandoned Classic Cars, Featuring Rare Hudsons

Remember the abandoned forest property packed with vintage cars and trucks that we showed you a few days ago? Well, here’s another massive hoard of classics, this time around hidden on an abandoned farm in Texas. If you still think barn finds are getting rarer these days, this abandoned car collection will definitely change your mind.

Welcome to Hutson Farm, a large property that has been home to more than 100 cars for several decades now. The story of this ghost farm sounds very familiar. The previous owner, who passed away in 2018, was a mechanic and a car enthusiast. He hoarded all these cars to either fix or use them for parts. Nothing out of the ordinary so far.

However, it seems that the guy was also a big fan of the Hudson brand. It may have something to do with his last name being Hutson, but what we do know for a fact is that at some point he had more than 40 of them. Some have been sold recently, but there are still 24 Hudson cars at the farm. Which may still be the largest collection of this kind.

And it includes all sorts of rare models, such as the iconic Hornet. There’s even a Hollywood version on the premises. It’s an even harder-to-find version of the Hornet with a two-door, no-post configuration. And it’s one of the most sought-after Hudsons right now.

But the highlight of this Hudson collection is a 1942 four-door. Built in limited numbers right before the U.S. entered World War 2, it features a very special triangle badge that did not return when Hudson started making cars again in 1946.

All these Hudsons are scattered all over the farm, which includes a big field, several barns, and even a forested area. Since the place hasn’t been taken care of for years, many cars are hidden behind trees and massive bushes.

On top of the 1940s and 1950s cars, the farm is also the resting place of several vintage vans, tractors, and even bulldozers. And like any property previously owned by a mechanic, it’s packed with engines and car parts. And many of these cars have interesting stories too, some of them shared by the owner’s son.

But not all cars are vintage collectibles. You’ll also see newer vehicles, including some made in the 1980s. Perhaps the most exotic of them all is a first-generation Mercury Linx, based on the European-spec Ford Escort. It’s been so long since I’ve seen one of these that I forgot they even existed. And it’s a diesel model too, powered by an old Mazda four-cylinder.

This farm is a truly fascinating place, one that requires a sharp pair of eyes to spot the cars hidden behind the trees. And thanks to the folks over at Restored, who recently visited the place and rescued no fewer than four cars, we can have a closer look at what must be one of the biggest farm finds in recent years.

The video is quite long at 40 minutes, but I assure you it’s worth watching it from beginning to end. The cars, the stories, and the somewhat creepy scenery will make your day. 


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