The 1967 S-Code Mustang Convertible: A Dennis Collins Rescue Worth Celebrating

Mustang 289 V8 engine

Collins’ first action is to check out the factory build tag to confirm the Mustang’s credentials.

It left the factory with an S-code designation, meaning there should be a 390-cubic-inch V8 in the engine bay – but a peek under the hood reveals the original engine got swapped at some point for a 289 V8.

Rare 1967 Ford Mustang S-Code Convertible Hasn't Been Driven in 40 Years

Yet, Collins’ enthusiasm doesn’t cool as he confidently remarks they’ll put another 390 in the car. Other standout features of this convertible include a GT Equipment Package, a four-speed manual gearbox, power brakes, a power top, an AM/8-track radio, and a two-tone blue interior.

Later, Collins proudly displays a Marti Report showing there’s no other 1967 Mustang like this one.

Less Love For The S-Code Ford Mustang Rescue

1967 Ford Mustang convertible on trailer

The “R-code” phrase seems to come out of Collins’ mouth as much as “outstanding,” another of his trademark expressions.

These Mustangs with the 335-horsepower 428 Cobra Jet get all the attention from collectors and enthusiasts – even K-code’ ‘Stangs’ with the venerable 289 V8 are the subject of conversation in the same crowd.

But, the S-code versions are often overlooked because Ford only offered the 325-horsepower 390 V8 from 1967 to 1969; according to the Marti Report for Collins’ S-code rescue, Ford built 472,209 Mustangs in 1967, but only 2,180 came with the 390 engine and four-barrel carburetor

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