Revving Up the Debate: Modern Cars vs. Classics – Who Dominates What?

There’s something unique about classic cars; they represent an era and style that will probably never come back. Classic cars are pieces of history, and their value can increase over time, making them viable investments. However, not all classics appreciate; some depreciate, making them ideal project cars.

On the other hand, modern cars are more refined, powerful, and safer. They represent the future and provide pleasant experiences for all types of drivers. Owning a modern car is great, but there are a few things that classics still do better.

10 Modern Cars Are Great At: Power


Just looking at most modern cars proves that engine technology has evolved over the decades. Modern cars have smaller engines that are more efficient and reliable. These engines also manage to produce heaps of power than most classic cars.


Take an example of the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine in the AMG A45. It might be a small engine, but with the help of turbochargers, it can produce around 360 hp. The evolution of turbo and superchargers has also helped boost the performance of most modern cars.

Classic Cars Are Better: Style


One reason why most people prefer classic cars is their style. These vehicles have better designs than most modern cars, making them collectible options for most people. Classic cars are classic because they’re the foundation on which most pretty cars are based.


They attract more attention due to their incredible character. Most of these cars have a different look and feel than modern cars. They also feature a unique design language, allowing you to set yourself apart with something iconic.

Modern Cars Are Great At: Tech


The technology in most modern cars is superior to that in classics. Modern vehicles feature unique infotainment systems that help keep passengers entertained and drivers engaged. The Cadillac Escalade OLED infotainment system is an excellent example.


The system puts phone controls, music, navigation, and more options at the driver’s fingertips. Nowadays, most infotainment systems support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. They allow users to wirelessly enjoy their favorite content, including music, podcasts, or even movies.

Classic Cars Are Better: Simplicity


Besides having stylish designs, classic cars are also simple. Most of these cars are built by men, not machines. This makes it easy to understand how everything works in your vehicle. You also enjoy having complete control of the car since there are no aids to try out.


Classic cars are the best options if you love working on your car. These vehicles don’t have a lot of complicated features or many buttons to try and figure out. This eliminates the hassle that most modern car owners face when trying to figure out all the features in their car.

Modern Cars Are Great At: Refinement

Audi S8 2022

Unlike most classic cars, modern cars are better in terms of insulation and ride quality. These cars feature the best soundproofing materials, thus helping eliminate wind noise. They also have a better drag coefficient, allowing them to deliver better fuel economy while gently wafting on the road.


Another unique aspect of modern cars is the additional creature comforts. This helps make modern cars an option for most people, especially when driving long distances. Some notable features include massaging seats, more seat adjustability, heated and cooled seats, and so on.

Classic Cars Are Better: No Driver Aids


Not all drivers prefer a car filled with nannies like traction control and ABS. Most classic cars didn’t have such driver aids, making them fun to drive. Driving a vehicle without such features helps you become better since you can easily judge the ideal stopping distance.


Additionally, this allows you to understand the limits of your classic car better. With this, you get the satisfaction that you’re in control of your vehicle. You don’t have to rely on computers to help you brake or judge the distance between you and the car in front.

Modern Cars Are Great At: Safety

Mercedes Benz S Class

When looking for a new car, most people pay keen attention to the available safety features. Nowadays, safety features have moved beyond the typical airbags and anti-lock brakes standards. Some modern cars also have these features as standard, thus significantly reducing the chances of a collision.


Additional safety features in modern cars include brake assist, blind spot warning, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, backup cameras, active head restraints, and many more. These features help protect the driver and passengers at all times.

Classic Cars Are Better: Price


Some classic cars have depreciated, thanks to their age. Such cars are not only good project cars, but they allow the younger generation to try them out and see what they have to offer. It’s so cheap to get a classic car today, especially if you’re looking for reliable fun.


Classic cars can get as expensive as you’d like; however, you don’t have to spend a fortune. It’s easy to consider buying a modern sports car over a classic car, but classics will provide a pedigree and history. These factors are valuable for most car owners, making it fun to daily drive the classic car.

Modern Cars Are Great At: Innovation

Audi S8 2022

Most modern cars feature a plethora of innovative features. Take an example of Audi’s digital matrix LED headlights. They show how the company has been pushing its limits on vehicle lighting technology over the years. With such innovation, owners can rest assured that they can drive safely in all conditions.

Tesla Model S

Modern cars manage to get more power out of smaller engines. With these innovative technologies, owners can have some peace of mind that their vehicles will last longer than a few years. Besides, the electric future indicates how innovative the automotive industry is.

Classic Cars Are Better: Emotion


Driving a classic car is fun, especially when you’re moving fast. You get to enjoy getting everything out of the car and dealing with all its imperfections. Besides, most classics lack safety features, making them worthwhile to try out.


When driving a classic car, you get the satisfaction of always doing all the work. Besides, you can cruise with the windows down at lower speeds and still look fantastic. No matter your driving style, you’re bound to enjoy everything a classic offers

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