This Highway Patrol-Themed 1979 Chevy Camaro Movie Car Was Featured in The Junkman

Owning a movie car is beyond awesome, especially if said vehicle held a prominent role in whichever film it was used. What we have here is a car that played more of a secondary role (if even that) in the 1982 action/comedy The Junkman.

Don’t worry if you don’t remember it, since it didn’t exactly blow up the box office. But if you’re curious, scroll down to the bottom for the YouTube link where you can actually watch the entire thing – a full one hour and 39 minutes, including the end credits.

Now, the plot is a bit silly, and the acting isn’t exactly Oscar-worthy, but the action sequences are pretty good by 1982 standards. There seems to be a car chase and a crash every other minute in this thing and to their credit, the production team did use some pretty cool rides.

Among them, this 1979 Chevrolet Camaro police car, at least that’s what its Bring a Trailer ad would suggest. We browsed through the footage and saw multiple police cars that look identical to this Camaro, but whether this car was actually in the movie, well, that’s between the buyer and the seller.

In any case, the vehicle features a California Highway Patrol aesthetic, with white doors and roof panels, along with painted logos and markings. It also comes with front and rear spoilers, a vented hood, spotlights, black 15-inch wheels and unfortunately, multiple scratches and dings around the body. It’s not exactly in tip top shape.

Inside, you’ll find black vinyl bucket seats, plus additional equipment such as sirens, a dash-mounted clipboard, gun holder, period-style communication equipment and an odometer that shows 26,000 miles (42,000 km).

As for how pursuit-ready this Camaro might be, don’t get your hopes up too much regarding performance, because that original 305ci V8 only produced around 135 hp and 245 lb-ft (332 Nm) of torque when new, with everything going to the rear wheels via a three-speed automatic transmission.

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