The Rotting 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air In The Yard Is Hoping For Groundbreaking Change

1954 represented the last year of the first-generation Bel Air, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that Chevrolet was all about the new series due in 1955.\

The 1954 Bel Air still witnessed the introduction of several notable changes, including the debut of the Beauville station wagon that joined the other body styles in the lineup, namely coupe, sedan (2-door and 4-door), and convertible.

It goes without saying that a ’54 Bel Air in tip-top shape sells for a small fortune these days. But on the other hand, many people are looking for cheap projects that could eventually be used for other ambitious ideas, such as building a hotrod with classic coolness.

The restomod work on this ’54 Bel Air has already started, though the car is yet to receive the part that’s the most important in such a project: the engine.

At this point, the vehicle still lacks a powertrain, but this is actually the reason it’s currently selling for cheap. It’s a roller, so the new owner would be the one to decide what engine and transmission they want to use on it.

On the other hand, this Bel Air, which looks like it’s been sitting for a while in someone’s yard, has already received various other parts, including front and rear seats from a Chevrolet Impala. These look pretty good, and there’s a chance the only thing they need is a good wash.

The 2-door Bel Air obviously requires a ton of work, including as far as the metal is concerned. The typical rust is already there, including on the floors, so be ready for either some serious patches or full replacement.

As for the price, this Bel Air is selling, as we said, for beer money. The auction published by seller caseyfiberfab starts at $850, but up to this point, nobody has entered the race to take it home and give it another chance. 

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