Crafting Dreams: The Inspiring Custom Ford GT40 Build Born from Dedication and Desire

Ford GT40 preparation Benjamin Workshop

Creating a beautiful Ford GT40 took dedication and expertise combined with four years of hard work. The stunning, hand-built vehicle underwent various stages of assembly, from finishing the doors and connecting different tanks to manufacturing smaller parts such as the base of the gear lever or the petrol tank cap. Yet, despite the time and effort required to build each component, Benjamin was determined to create a masterpiece.

The engine, a V-8, was not built from scratch but was chosen for its thrilling performance. Installing the exhaust pipes brought the car to life and marked a turning point in the project, with the manufacturer’s excitement palpable. Additionally, Benjamin installed a ventilation system to keep the engine cool.

The next phase of the project involved the assembly of the dashboard and various panels, as well as the installation of the rear and front headlights. Finally, the interior details were painted, giving the custom GT40 a menacing appearance. Despite the progress, the body was still in development, as the project reached the final phase in late 2020. However, the results of Benjamin’s commitment and perseverance were undeniable.

The Long Wait is Finally Over

Ford GT40 Build Benjamin Workshop

After four intensive years, it’s 2021 when Benjamin’s custom Ford GT40 sits proudly in the driveway, ready to take its rightful place on the stage of car shows. Benjamin’s vehicle is a show-stopper, thanks to its eye-catching paint job. The dark yellow base is paired with bold black stripes, creating a striking contrast that draws attention wherever it’s driven around.

He crafted the car’s sleek and aerodynamic body to perfection; every angle represents a sense of power and grace. The craftsmanship shines through each component – carefully chosen parts assembled into a masterpiece of engineering excellence. Benjamin’s passion project, the GT40, embodies timeless beauty and modern technology.

The Ford GT40: A Legend in Automotive History

Ford GT40

The Ford GT40 is a classic car that has stood the test of time since its introduction in 1964. From the beginning, the car was designed to become a top racer, and it certainly succeeded in gaining a reputation for its speed, power, and handling. Ford used this stalwart vehicle in their successful efforts to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The GT40 was also beloved by car enthusiasts who wanted to build custom versions for racing and show. Over the years, many changes led to improvements in the car’s design, but none altered its essence or impeded its status as an iconic vehicle in automotive history.

BenjaminWorkshop’s Legendary Ford GT40

Only a few car builders can hope to achieve the greatness of the legendary Ford GT40, and even fewer come close. However, BenjaminWorkshop’s custom Ford GT40 showed what dedication to craftsmanship yields when coupled with passion. It may not be a continuation of classic or modern GT40s, but it does homage to them in all aspects, making it a rare gem. And just like the original, this build has had hearts racing and inspired others to aim for greatness.

If you are a fan of custom cars and incredible builds, check out Benjamin’s work on YouTube and his social media accounts.

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