Find A Rare Barn For A 1964 Ford Thunderbird Dressed To Impress, This Samoan Coral Wonder Is Truly Worth Exploring

It may sound impossible, but it really isn’t. Finding a super-rare car isn’t necessarily as hard as it sounds, though more often than not, getting your hands on it comes down to more money than many people are willing to spend.

This Thunderbird, however, appears to be different.

First and foremost, let’s see what makes it such a rare car. If you’re a connoisseur, there’s no doubt the color is the one that caught your attention. And you’re not wrong.

This vehicle is painted in Samoan Coral, a color only available in 1964 and debuted on – you guessed it right – the Thunderbird. However, this example here doesn’t come with the original paint. eBay seller hamlinave says the car received a repaint at some point during the ‘80s, and except for a few occasional spots, it still looks pretty good today.

Of course, if you’re a collector, a full respray might be required, but otherwise, minor TLC could make this Thunderbird look spotless anyway.

Previously a barn find, the car is still fitted with the original 390 V8 that starts, runs, and drives properly. This obviously makes it an even more impressive discovery, though we’re not being told if the engine has been rebuilt or not.

Other than that, this T-Bird comes in an impressive shape, and the interior, in particular, is absolutely delicious. Everything looks really good, and the only thing that doesn’t work is the AM/FM radio, which is also original.

The car has already received a series of fixes and improvements, so if you end up buying it, you should be able to drive the Thunderbird back home, as long as you don’t mind adding more miles to the odo.

And speaking of buying this Ford, it’s time to reveal the price. The seller is willing to let the car go for nearly $20,000, but some other offers might also be considered. 

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