The 1965 Chevy Corvette Roadster ‘Summer Flared’ is highly sought after, yet remains unsold.

Now, the fixed price has gone down to $43,950 and logic tells us the reserve threshold was also lowered.

Still, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea since bidding kicks off at no less than $20k. It does have some highlights to try and lure in the audience, though.

The odd color choice could be one for the subtle type, especially since it bodes well for the contrasting white top and black/white interior elements.

There’s also a chrome bumper delete, an L88-style hood to cover the built 327ci V8 with forged and balanced pistons, those “Summer” fender flares, as well as triple taillights, among others.

The modified V8 is hooked to a four-speed manual transmission with a Hurst stick shift, and the Chevy also has a brand-new top as well as leather bucket seats with cloth inserts among the creature comforts.

Last, but not least, the odometer reads 65,004 miles (104,614 km). It is though unknown if they’re original or belong to the nasty TMU category.

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