1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Is a True Barn Find With an R-Code Surprise Under the Hood

While the Galaxie was selling like hotcakes during the ‘60s, its competition was rather fierce, especially after Ford launched the Mustang.

The model year 1966 is just living proof in this regard. With the Mustang already a hit, it was pretty impossible for the Galaxie to remain Ford’s superstar. However, it continued to be a successful model, with the convertible itself becoming the third best-selling model in the United States in 1966, obviously after the Mustang and Chevrolet Impala.

Someone on eBay claims they have recently discovered a 1966 Galaxie that’s totally worth a full restoration. And at first glance, it does seem to be an intriguing model, especially considering the engine that was fitted by Ford 56 years ago.

First of all, the basics.

It’s pretty clear the car comes in a very rough condition, and unfortunately, seller bryce941 hasn’t provided too many specifics on the barn-find thing. In other words, we don’t know how long this Galaxie has been sitting, so for what it’s worth, it’s a project whose current condition requires an in-person inspection.

The rust has obviously caused plenty of damage already, and the trunk looks almost completely wrecked. It’ll require massive patches, though a new pan might be the better way to go – this is why a live inspection is recommended anyway.

What makes this Galaxie truly rare is the engine under the hood. The car was born with the R-code 427 whose legacy is already famous in Ford’s culture. However, only part of the engine is still around today, so it’ll require a lot of work to eventually get it up and running.

At the end of the day, this Galaxie is without a doubt an impressive barn find, but bringing it back to factory specifications is going to be a nightmare project. People online seem ready to give it a second chance, as the bidding has already reached $6,300. 

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