1966 Ford Mustang Stored Away for Years Is a Surprising Californian Pony

When it comes to engines, Ford hasn’t changed too much on the 1966 Mustang. In other words, the upgraded model was available with mostly the same units as its predecessor, including here both the six-cylinder and the optional V8s.

First of all, buyers were offered the 200 (3.3-liter) Thriftpower rated at 120 horsepower. Introduced on the model year 1965, this engine was supposed to replace the original 170 (2.8-liter) that made its way to the 1964 1/2 Mustang.

Needless to say, this particular choice was just perfect for those customers who wanted the Mustang to double as an economical grocery-getter.

But when it comes to people interested in a more thrilling experience behind the wheel of a Mustang, the American carmaker offered plenty of options.

First of all, just like in 1965, the 260 (4.3-liter) 2-barrel was no longer available. Instead, Ford went all-in on the 289 (4.7-liter) both in 1965 and 1966.

The 2-barrel version was rated at 200 horsepower, whereas the 4-barrel sibling developed 225 horsepower. The icing on the cake was the HiPo unit and its maximum output of 270 horsepower.

The Mustang that was posted on eBay by seller hangryal is a C-code convertible, which means it was fitted from the factory with the 200-horsepower 289. The same engine is still under the hood, and as it turns out, it still turns over freely – we don’t know if it’s running or not, but potential buyers should just check this out in person.

As an original Californian pony, the Mustang comes with only little rust, despite spending several years in storage. It’s described as a “barn find,” and a photo included in the eBay listing confirms the car was stored alongside other classics. The images don’t seem to indicate the best storage conditions for a vehicle, but the Mustang apparently passed the test of time with (almost) flying colors.

The good news for anyone interested in a full restoration is that everything is there. That’s right, the Mustang is still complete, and the metal doesn’t exhibit anything else than minor damage that should be easy to address as part of a complete overhaul

At first glance, this pony is a very solid restoration candidate, and given it’s selling at no reserve, there’s a very good chance it’ll find a new home quite easily. The auction starts at $1,000 and is scheduled to come to an end in three days, so it shouldn’t take too long before the Mustang embarks on a new adventure.

Interested buyers who want to see it in person must head over to Buckhead, Georgia where the car is currently located, and the owner encourages everyone to reach out to them for more information on this intriguing pony. 

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