A Call to Rescue: The 1961 Chevrolet Impala, Awaiting Salvation with Incredibly Low Mileage – 028

As a fervent Impala enthusiast, the 1961 model year holds an irresistible allure within Chevrolet’s illustrious lineup. This year witnessed the confluence of two pivotal moments in the storied history of the Impala nameplate.

First and foremost, it marked the dawn of the third-generation Impala. In 1958, the inaugural model was introduced as the premier Bel Air variant. The second generation swiftly followed suit in 1959 when the Impala ascended to a standalone series, gracing the automotive stage for a mere two years before the third generation made its debut in 1961.

Simultaneously, 1961 bore witness to the inception of the Super Sport, a designation cherished by devout Chevy enthusiasts. The ‘SS’ moniker holds profound significance for the GM brand, signifying an array of sporty enhancements.

Initially, these enhancements were confined to cosmetic embellishments, but over time, performance improvements joined the fray. In 1961, this coveted SS package could be procured for a mere $53.

The 1961 Impala presented to us on eBay by the esteemed seller murfs39 may not bear the distinguished SS insignia, but it possesses a distinctive attribute that commands attention—meager mileage. With just 23,000 miles (approximately 37,000 km) to its name, this Impala is believed to have retained its original mileage.

A low-mileage Impala is the stuff of classic car dreams, especially when it remains predominantly intact, clad in original components. While the completeness of this particular specimen remains cloaked in uncertainty, it stands as a sturdy candidate for restoration, despite the sporadic presence of rust.

Visual evidence, as gleaned from the photographs, hints at the customary rust manifesting on the floors. Alas, I cannot definitively ascertain the salvageability of the floors and trunk pan from these images.

Restoration, it appears, shall necessitate some judicious patchwork, a consequence, according to the seller, of the car’s irregular outings, rather than its inherent condition.

Now, to delve beneath the hood.

The engine bay harbors a conspicuous V8 powerplant, although a discord arises from the eBay listing’s summary, where the owner asserts the presence of a 350 big-block engine. If such a claim holds validity, this Impala has bid farewell to its original power source, for a 350-cubic-inch engine was not on offer for this model year.

Hopefully, it is a mere typographical hiccup, for the 1961 Impala graced the automotive realm with the availability of the 348-cubic-inch big-block option. Later in the year, Chevrolet unveiled a 409-cubic-inch iteration—a 348 derivative with an enlarged cylinder bore—ushering in a commanding power output of 360 horsepower.

The Impala has already stirred the online motoring community, capturing the attention of numerous enthusiasts. As of the present, 12 bids have been tendered, with the highest standing at $10,200.

Yet, the reserve remains unmet. For those intent on securing this vintage gem sans the bidding tussle, the ‘Buy It Now’ option beckons at a tantalizing $15,000.

Prospective custodians must be prepared to embark on a journey to Santa Rosa, California, with their trailer in tow, as this Impala shows no signs of embarking on its own voyage anytime soon.

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