Reviving a Barn-Buried Treasure: The Story of the 1979 Camaro Rescued from a Hidden Hoard

The second-generation Chevrolet Camaro is largely considered the most outstanding design to ever grace the pony car we all know and love. Rather than focusing on being big and hefty, these cars were low to the ground and sleek, which was the perfect transition for the pony car movement.

1979 Camaro Dug Out Of Barn Hoard

These cars have been around for decades meaning that collectors have had plenty of opportunities to get their hands all over them. Still, one such example of the second generation has remained relatively untouched. Later years of the second generation of Camaro and Firebird have garnered far less popularity than the early models.

Barn Find BURIED - 1979 Chevy Camaro! Parked in storage 15 years ago and the piling began!!!!!!!! - YouTube

Whether because of the low horsepower numbers, odd styling, or unique target audience, these cars are an often overlooked gem in car culture.

Speaking of hidden gems, this car was found in a dusty collection of classic muscle and pony cars sitting in a barn for what looks like decades. Contrary to the point, this Camaro was kept by an enthusiast who obviously cared for it dearly before its eventual settling in the barn.

1979 Camaro Found Buried and Forgotten in Kansas Garage

Initially, the car rolled off the factory line in 1979, making it a pretty cool find as the second-generation Camaro’s production would end just three years later in 1981. This car was likely treated to a lot of fast driving, but the car has retained a pretty good exterior over the years of sitting.

Apart from the scrap metal that sits on top of the car, there appears to be a complete lack of rust on the body, which is an excellent sign. While the hood is far too littered with heavy car parts and boxes to see inside the engine bay, the new owner says he knows what’s there.

1979 Camaro Found Buried and Forgotten in Kansas Garage

Powering this 1979 Chevrolet Camaro is a V8 engine that likely utilized five liters of displacement to create one hell of a driving experience. Nowadays, the car is in the good hands of a dedicated enthusiast who will ensure that it gets the restoration it deserves.

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