Rough 1970 Dodge Charger Smiles Knowing There’s Life After Plum Crazy Rust

While the 1970 Charger wasn’t necessarily the most successful model of the second generation, it still managed to grow the fanbase even furth

And the one Dodge should thank was the 440 Six Pack, which was added to the lineup for the first time in 1970. The engine developed no more, no less than 390 horsepower thanks to three two-barrel carburetors, so it goes without saying that it transformed the Charger into a small rocket on wheels.

On the other hand, this doesn’t necessarily mean the Charger was now the model spearheading Dodge’s sales. It wasn’t, as the Challenger more or less cannibalized its sales, pushing the yearly production down to just a little over 46,500 units.

One of these Chargers is right here, seeking a third chance – that’s right, this 1970 Dodge has already been saved once, and now it needs another hero to bring it back to its original glory.

The Plum Crazy legend is now just a rough project, and it goes without saying it’s been sitting for a very long time. eBay seller jasonh440 says they purchased the Charger specifically to restore it, but because they are currently working on too many projects, someone else must start and complete the overhaul.

The Plum Crazy glory is obviously fading away, and the seller themselves admits the car requires a lot of metal work. You should just consider that it needs every piece of sheet metal, the owner says, and this is probably correct anyway.

As for the engine under the hood, this is up to you to decide. The original 383 is no longer there, so if you can find the right engine, the Charger can still be restored to factory specifications. Otherwise, just go crazy and install any engine you want for a one-of-a-kind restomod.

Obviously, the car has already caught the attention of lots of Charger fans, so nearly 20 people are now fighting to get their hands on it. The bidding has surpassed the $4,000 milestone already, but the reserve is yet to be unlocked. 

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