This 1958 Chevrolet Impala Looks Good Even in Potato-Quality Photos, Needs a Fat Wallet

The Impala nameplate was born no less than 63 years ago, as Chevrolet originally launched it as the top-of-the-line Bel Air back in 1958.

The Impala, however, was a hit from the very beginning, as the GM brand ended up making close to 182,000 units, most of them equipped with a coupe (hardtop) body style.

When it comes to engines, the Impala could be ordered with either a six-cylinder or a V8. The base unit was a 235 (3.9-liter) Blue Flame straight-six, while the V8 options included the 283 (4.6-liter) Turbo Fire and the 348 (5.7-liter) Turbo Thrust.

The big-block, in its turn, was offered in two different versions, one with a single four-barrel carburetor and developing 250 horsepower and a second one with three two-barrel carburetors and producing 280 horsepower.

This top-of-the-range engine is also powering the Impala that we have here and which can be yours in approximately a day if you win the auction started by eBay user jcad7363_ni31ulz.

There’s nothing a fat wallet wouldn’t be able to buy, and in this case, you should be able to spend more than $30,000 because this is exactly the top bid at the time of writing, though I expect the highest offer to get close to $40,000 by the time the auction ends.

The condition of the car looks pretty solid, and this isn’t necessarily surprising since this Impala has already been restored at some point during its life.

Unfortunately, very little has been shared about the car, and the potato-quality photos don’t reveal much either. So much for a picture is worth a thousand words, it seems.

Overall, this Impala is definitely worth checking out if you want a first-generation model in a good shape and you’re ready to spend big on it. Just make sure you ask for more details before anything else, and the seller says anyone can reach out to them by email. 

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