Taylor Swift Treats Arizona Foster Kids to a Private Concert and Pizza Party They’ll Never Forget

Taylor Swift is making dreams come true.

The “Delicate” singer, 28, met her “littlest fans” — foster children from Arizona — on Saturday when she invited more than 2000 special guests to her final dress rehearsal of her upcoming Reputation Stadium Tour.

An attendee tells PEOPLE Swift spoke to the crowd of excited children and foster parents before the show and asked if it was their first time attending a concert. About 500 hands flew into the air, the concertgoer says.

Abbi Williams, a foster mother, shared photos of the experience on Instagram, including photos of her children alongside her friend’s foster children smiling in a group photo with Swift, as well as holding up autographed covers of Reputation.

“A night my girls and I will always remember – meeting Taylor Swift!! Thank you for such a generous evening with your littlest fans. Your show is amazing – you and your team did an incredible job!!” she wrote in the caption, adding the hashtags, “#taylorswift#reputationtour #goseeit #fosterkids#concert #heartofgold @gymnastmaddi@izzibgrace.”


Another mother, going by the name Momma Bear on Instagram, also shared photos of her foster children, writing, “When @taylorswift invites you to her final dress rehearsal, you go. We couldn’t bring cameras in, just know that if you are able to see her #reputationstadiumtour DO IT! She was such a gracious and generous hostess…complete with a pizza party and photo op afterward.

She continued, “The munchkins wrote thank you cards to Miss Swift and I was blessed to be able to give them to her kind daddy who promised to bring them to her before the show. He gave a TS guitar pic to each of the kids. ❤❤.”

She also shared more details of the experience on her Instagram Story, saying the singer was “amazing.”

“Private concert for foster and adopted families. She’ll never promote that because she’s humble,” she said. “I got to meet her dad and give him some thank you notes from the kids and he teared up. He was so sweet. I got to thank him for raising such a generous and gracious daughter.”

“And she bought pizza and cookies and brownies for the kids and candy,” she continued. “It was amazing. They’ll never forget that. First concert and a pizza party with Taylor Swift.”

Kelli Dillon, a foster mother, got emotional on her Instagram Story Sunday as she shared what the private concert meant to her and her children.

“I can’t even express how amazing last night was, it truly was a dream,” Dillon said. “Taylor Swift invited some foster and adopted families to her last dress rehearsal. We actually got to meet her. She brought everybody pizza.”

“She performed her entire set for everybody. Her kindness and generosity is so genuine,” she continued. “Officially, one of my favorite human beings in the planet.”

“Us foster and adopted families, we don’t do what we do for attention,” Dillon added. “But when someone like Taylor Swift steps up and does what she did last night, I don’t even have the words for what it was. All I can say is thank you, Taylor. It was truly amazing and emotional. Thank you. It was truly a memory for a lifetime.”

Dillon also shared several photos on Instagram, including a group photo of Swift with several foster children.

“EPIC!!!!!! Thank you Taylor Swift for an amazing night 🖤 (notice Raegan and Bella right in front of Taylor) She gave the girls a huge hug and said ‘I hope I get to see you again at my next concert!’ On cloud 9 😍 Us adults are off to the right side….,” Dillon wrote in the caption.

This isn’t the first time Swift has given back to her fans. The “Blank Space” singer surprised an 8-year-old girl in the hospital after she was severely burned in a fire pit explosion on St. Patrick’s Day, causing her to miss the debut of the Reputation Stadium Tour in Arizona next Tuesday.

Isabella McCune’s mother, Lilly McCune, told PEOPLE that her daughter was “so shocked.”

“Taylor took time out of her busy, busy schedule and sat down on the bed next to Isabella,” McCune told PEOPLE on the phone from the Arizona Burn Center at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix. “She brought her a bag with goodies from her tour. She said she had to meet her because she was so inspired by her story and honored that her music helped her.”

Isabella even got a parting hug from the Grammy-winning songstress.

“When she was leaving, my daughter asked for a hug and Taylor turned around and said, ‘Absolutely — I didn’t want to hurt you,’” McCune said. “They hugged and it was so heartfelt. I knew it meant a lot to Isabella.”

Making the experience even more touching for the McCune family — including Isabella’s dad JD and brother Zachary — was meeting Swift’s parents.

“Her parents came too and they were the sweetest people, and it meant so much to my husband and me as parents,” McCune said. “We have so much respect for them and how they raised her.”


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