Moonlight Sonata By Beethoven Is Shredded By A French Guitar Virtuoso, Creating An Amazing Masterpiece

In most respects Tina S is a regular teenager. She goes to school, enjoys going out with her friends, watching movies, reading and playing video games.

But there’s a notable difference.

This girl shreds like a demon, and the world is paying attention.

The French born guitar prodigy who goes by the name Tina S, began learning guitar at age six.

By nine she was uploading clips to YouTube demonstrating her competency on classical guitar.

Tina S at age 9, playing Andante by Ferdinando Carulli.

By her early teens she had traded the nylon strings for an electric guitar, and uploaded a video that had aspiring guitar heroes around the world collecting their jaws from the floor.

With an apparent ease that would be the envy of a generation of axe-wielders three times her age, Tina rips through a note-perfect rendition of Van Halen’s seminal guitar showcase ‘Eruption’.

Tina S at age 14, plays ‘Eruption’ by Van Halen

Now with close to 14 million views, the only version of this solo seen more times on YouTube is the one played by Edward Van Halen himself.

And with 60 million views on her YouTube channel to date, Tina S might just be among the most watched guitar shredders on the web.

“I am part of a generation that has a huge advantage over past generations,” Tina S told The Huffington Post Australia.

“The tools of communication today allow people to publish their work, their passion, and be recognised by the whole world without moving from their chair.”

But social media alone won’t give you 60 million YouTube views and kudos from members of Pink Floyd, DragonForce, Dream Theatre as well as guitar legends Jason Becker and Steve Vai.

Tina’s real advantage is her countless hours of hard work and her passion to be the best she can be at her chosen craft.

“For me, the guitar is a game.”

“This is what allows me to play every day with desire and pleasure, without turning this game into work.”

Her most recent video upload, featured above, is a cover of Steve Vai’s 1990 guitar instrumental ‘For The Love Of God’, a piece that many guitar aficionados would argue represents a quantum leap in guitar technique from ‘Eruption’.

“This is a very complex piece musically, technically, structurally,” she said.

“To play it was a real goal, I take real pride in its success.”

Steve Vai himself re-tweeted the video the day after she posted it.

Being a female in the male dominated world of metal guitar obviously sets Tina apart, though she doesn’t necessarily think of herself as a role model.

“I prefer to think of myself as proof that the guitar world is not, and should not be, reserved only to the male gender.

“There is absolutely no logical link between what gender you are and playing music.

“Anyone can do it, so long as you put your heart into it.”

Tina is looking forward to collaborating with other musicians and playing live as soon as her schedule will allow.

But for now it’s schoolwork, being a teenager and blowing the online world away with her face-melting guitar solos.

We will be watching her career unfold with great interest.

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