Witness a Barn Find Explorer Uncover a Treasure Trove of Classic Cars – Including Porsches, Bentleys, and Lotuses Valued in the Thousands

A barn find explorer has revealed a stunning collection of hidden classic cars that could be worth a fortune.

The treasure trove of retro motors included rare Porsche, Bentley and Lotus models  – but all in need of a lot of TLC.

The explorer discovered hordes of classic motors
The explorer discovered hordes of classic motorsCredit: youtube
The classic Lotus was peering from under a cover

The classic Lotus was peering from under a coverCredit: youtube

YouTuber The Bearded Explorer posted video footage of the lucky find onto his channel, which has almost 200k subscribers.

The video opens with the intrepid explorer navigating his through a disused, overgrown road talking about how the collection of cars he’s discovered are extremely rare and valuable.

As the road clears, he moves into a field with old farm machinery strewn over the ground, pointing out an old Triumph that has fallen into disrepair.

Next, the camera moves into a barn where two classic Porsche 911s are revealed, with one in much better shape than the other.

An unfortunate model has almost completely rusted away and is covered in a thick layer of  grime and bird droppings.

An MG is the next car under the camera spotlight, before the Bearded Explorer strikes barn find gold.

Hidden under a cover, with just the bonnet poking out is a Jaguar XK – which the YouTuber claims can go for more than £100k.

Further Bentley, Lotus and Triumph models are uncovered, while a move into other barns on the site reveals Daimler and MG classics, along with1 a Citroen Dyane which is based on the legendary 2CV.

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