Unearthing a Remarkable Collection of Cars in an Abandoned Barn – A British Iconic Motor Untouched for 40 Years

AN ICONIC British classic car has been found abandoned by a car enthusiast who says the condition it was left in is ‘heartbreaking’.

YouTuber IMSTOKZE was shocked to discover an E-Type Jaguar in an abandoned barn.

Jaguar reportedly only produced a dozen 'light-weight E-Type' motors

Jaguar reportedly only produced a dozen ‘light-weight E-Type’ motors

The YouTuber regularly posts rare and classic cars that have been abandoned on his channel.

He admitted to his viewers that this is only the ‘second E-Type Jag’ that he has found.

Depending on the condition of a classic E-Type Jaguar Series I, prices could range from £87,000 – £190,000.

However, it is unclear which exact variant IMSTOKZE found in the barn.

Jaguar first manufactured the E-Type series I in 1961 and production came to an end in June 1974.

The YouTuber said: “I’ve always dreamt of finding an E-Type jag and I found one a few years ago.”

IMSTOKZE showed his viewers the current state of the car having been left abandoned in a barn for decades.

Inspecting the car he points out where there had been damage and to the front of the car, which had since been repaired.

He added: “I mean look at the state of it.

“That’s all body filler that is so it’s had a smash here at some point and been repaired.

“But subsequently it’s all just fell out.”

The Jaguar E-Type’s iconic grill and logo at the front of the car was also missing.

The headlights and indicators at the front of the car were still intact, though.

IMSTOKZE proceeded to show his viewers the inside of the car which showed that the mileage was under 32,000.

The car still had its luggage rack attached to it but inside the boot, the effects of abandonment were clear to see.

Showing the inside of the car and boot IMSTOKZE went on: “My goodness.

“Unreal – absolutely unreal look how rotten she is.”

He later showed his subscribers the state of the wheels on the car.

The car enthusiast said: “Those wheels are dead, aren’t they?”

Audibly shocked at the state of the Jag, he said: “God I’m shaking so much I don’t even know why.”

All the gauges and instruments could be seen ‘falling apart’ and just left ‘hanging off’.

IMSTOKZE said: “Fantastic absolutely fantastic – well it’s a bit of both, isn’t it.

“Its absolutely heartbreaking but it’s still a sight to be seen.”

IMSTOKZE discovered from a paper road tax disc that it was last on the road in 1978.

The YouTuber also lifted the bonnet to see what state the engine was in.

In the video, he says: “There’s underneath the engine.

“She’s all still there but the front end of this is falling apart there like so we got to be really careful.”

On further inspection of the engine, the classic car enthusiast found oil still in the motor after checking ‘the dipstick’.

IMSTOKZE was in awe of the design of the E-Type Jaguars engine.

He said: “Awesome straight six engine.

“Absolutely mesmerising – I’m just so blown away that this thing is still here I really am.”

He added: “Jaguar – just absolutely unreal.”

After IMSTOKZE finished showing the different parts of the rusty Jag he still couldn’t believe what he had found.

He said to his viewers: “Can you believe that there are such cars like this that still exist – because I certainly don’t.”

“It’s shocking that there are cars still like this that are still laid up and not rescued.”

IMSTOKZE added: “I mean I’m not fully clued up about E-Type Jaguars but I do know that they’re in my opinion one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

“And here it sits unloved, uncared for, lost and forgotten.”

“I say the word heartbreaking a lot but this here – is heartbreaking.”

The car enthusiast found the abandoned Jaguar along with a collection of rusty classic cars collecting dust in that garage.

The YouTuber said that he was worried about finding the Jag as it took him over four hours to reach the location.

Upon arriving he found what appeared to be a new skip where he assumed the cars would be going.

However, the YouTuber who usually multiple classic cars in his videos decided to only focus on the Jag as he felt it ‘deserved’ its own video.

He went on to say: “I mean just look at the bumper it’s completely disintegrated – it’s heartbreaking.”

The Jaguar’s steering wheel and radio player were still in decent condition in stark contrast to the rest of the car.

IMSTOKZE said: “If you’re thinking is it worth it, the 4 hours and 37 minutes.

“Yes, it is certainly – certainly worth it.”

It’s important to note that IMSTOKZE was trespassing on private property and the owner of the barn and/or the car are legally entitled to do whatever they wish with their property.

The car enthusiast was devastated at the current condition of the Jaguar E-Type

The car enthusiast was devastated at the current condition of the Jaguar E-Type

IMSTOKZE claimed the vehicle was last on the road in 1978

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