Explore the Florida Classic Car Dealership with an Impressive Array of Survivor Vehicles

The owner takes Sean from Junkyards and Barn Finds around the classic car inventory including a 1960 Chevy Impala and an Oldsmobile 88.

Sean from YouTube channel Junkyards and Barn Finds with Sean takes a trip to Mission Classics in Florida, a classic car dealership that has an excellent selection of classic cars in their inventory.

In talking with the owner, Sean learns some facts about the various cars available for sale, their histories and what makes them significant – the owner also talks about some interesting design changes that took place with Chevrolet Impalas in the 1960s.

Check out the video to see the cars currently there and if you find yourself interested in one, the cars can get shipped anywhere in the world.

Classic Car Barn Finds At Mission Classics

The owner of the classic car dealership makes an appearance in the video and talks about moving from Indiana to Florida in order to start a classic car dealership.

An enthusiast himself, he has a great selection of classic cars from a wide span of model years and as a dealer, is able to ship the classics around the world to any buyer.

One of the first cars they take a closer look at is a 1958 Oldsmobile 88 – the clean ‘Olds’ has just 27,000 original miles on the odometer and is mostly original inside and out.

The Oldsmobile 88 was a powerful car at that time and one of the first cars with a tri-power setup; the original owner of the car got selective with the features chosen and customized the car to their individual liking.

With extremely low miles and a unique build, it’s a great way to get a clean, unique classic car that is ready to get enjoyed.

The next car they look at is a 1949 Cadillac Custom, the car is not a factory car and has gotten a number of changes made to it both on the body and under the hood.

This black Cadillac is unique in appearance and very clean from a condition perspective – like the Oldsmobile, it is a clean and unique option for someone in the market for a classic car.

A Subtle Classic 1966 Chevy Impala Design Flip Flop

1966 Chevy Impala SS, front
Via: YouTube via Junkyards And Barn Finds With Sean

There are a few classic Chevrolet Impalas available at the dealership, one such car being a 1960 Chevrolet Impala convertible, the car is original and has less than 50,000 miles.

The Impala also has factory air conditioning and a continental kit that got added to the rear of the car by a previous owner.

This Impala moves with a 283 small-block engine powering it; a few other notable Impalas are a blue 1966 Impala SS that is for sale there.

It’s a true SS car with bucket seats and an added 427 CI-engine as well as many additional upgrades, the factory air conditioning got removed to make room for the larger engine

Notable on the 1966 Impala was the removal by Chevrolet of the six taillight design, a trend that would return two years later, which the owner points out on a 1968 Impala he has in stock.

They also take a look at a 1950 classic Cadillac which is mostly original and is a true survivor without restoration; Sean comments that the car has a distinctive old car smell and that many other cars share it though it isn’t a bad thing

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