Compilation of Captivating Images Featuring Women alongside the Powerful Dodge Challenger SRT in the Desert

People do all sorts of crazy stuff with Hellcats and some are more lucrative than others. Let’s take the guy behind the Youtube channel hosting the video below, for example.

Hellcat Girl

The man got his hands on a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and now seems to be looking for views. His way of reaching out to the world? The “Hellcat Girl” Youtube channel. To use the… official description, this channel offers “Cars. Ladies. Lifestyle. This is what Hellcat Girl is all about.”New videos are uploaded twice a week and the content is the kind you’re expecting. 707 horsepower reactions, plenty of showers for the muscle car and various challenges revolving guzzling gas together with a female passenger.

Sure, given the attire of the ladies, this isn’t the most sophisticated channel you can subscribe to. But given how the Internet works nowadays, we can say it’s just surfing the wave.

Some of the stuff here is not exactly legal, so if you decide to watch these HEMI-and-female-friends adventures, please do not try to replicate them using your own car, be it powered by a supercharged V8 or not. Oh and if you wash your car by hand, do take care not to scratch it.

The channel is now one-month-old, so we figured the best way to let you know what it’s all about is to embed their “Girls of the Month” clip. From this point on, things are pretty much self-explanatory.

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