Vintage Maserati Ghibli Involved in an Accident in Switzerland

Don’t you hate it when a stupid driver starts charging on your side of the road and forces you into a rally-worthy maneuver to avoid a crash? We do! And we bet a certain driver of a Maserati Ghibli hates that even more.

Maserati Ghibli crash in Switzerland

The unfortunate driver we’re talking about got his italian sportscar smashed on a Swiss motorway after a car that was going the wrong way made him crash into the railing. The end result is horrifying for a classic car enthusiast, as the Ghibli is probably damaged enough to be scrapped.We don’t have further details about the crash, except for the fact it happened in Luzern, Switzerland, but it looks like the impact was pretty hard on both the car and the driver, and we do hope the latter managed to pull out of there with less scratches than its Maserati.

As for the Ghibli… only 1,150 coupes have been built (we don’t know how many are still out there), so we hope this kind of crash won’t happen again very soon


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