Abandoned Warehouse Full of Millions of Dollars of Rare Classic Cars: Ford Mustang, Porsche,…

The Bearded Explorer YouTube channel has stumbled upon a very interesting building in an unknown location filled with abandoned classic cars. In a recent video, he reveals that the warehouse is home to many interesting cars, which include a first-gen Ford Mustang, a Porsche 911, a classic BMW, a pair of VW Golf Mk1s, and a Mini.

A closer inspection of all the cars reveals that some may be worse for wear. But their interiors are still preserved very well despite being abandoned for an unknown amount of time. In his search, he also noticed that the location had multiple storage rooms, all of which were littered with car parts and even an old gas station pump. Even with everything he finds, the stars are the cars themselves.

Abandoned Ford Mustang Convertible Is An Unusual Find

In the video, The Bearded Explorer takes a look at the workshop and all the storage rooms. What he finds is quite amazing as not only is it full of auto parts and components. Quite a few of the pieces left in the building are brand new, some even in their original packaging.

There are air filters, oil filters, tools, an air compressor, pipes, hoses, belts, and old steering wheels left unused in the warehouse. There is also a Karcher steam cleaner that also looks like it could be in working condition.

After looking at an unknown classic car, followed by a trailer, he finds a Renault 10 and a massive truck. The Bearded Explorer then stumbles upon a first-generation Ford Mustang convertible. While he doesn’t reveal much about the American muscle car, it seems like an early first-gen model.

Opening the hood of the Ford, we discover that it is not a V8 motor. But the Mustang features what looks like the Thriftpower inline-6 motor. The exact motor is still a mystery, but the first-generation model of the Mustang came with 170 ci (2.8-liter) or 200 ci (3.3-liter) motors, while a 250 ci Thriftpower I6 was offered with the later models from 1969.

Engine Specs

Manufacturer Ford Ford Ford
Displacement 170 ci (2.8-liter) 200 ci (3.3-liter) 250 ci (4.1-liter)
Configuration Inline 6 Inline 6 Inline 6
Power 106 hp 120 hp 157 hp
Torque 156 lb-ft 190 lb-ft 240 lb-ft
Fuel Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline

Source: Ford

The 170 ci motor in the first-gen Mustang made 106 hp and 156 lb-ft of torque. The bigger 200 ci motor made between 117-120 hp and 190 lb-ft of torque. But the later 250 ci, 4.1-liter inline 6 engines offered more performance, making 157 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque. All motors came equipped with single-barrel carburetors.

Mustangs Were Always Left-Hand Drive Until 2014

  • Finding a ‘barn find’ Mustang in the U.S. may be common, but the video is seemingly filmed somewhere in Europe.
  • The Mustang was only ever offered with right-hand drive from 2014.
  • Understandably, this example of the Mustang is left-hand drive.
  • However, so are most of the other abandoned cars in the warehouse.

Porsche 911 And BMW 2002 Left Rotting Away

What amazed the YouTuber was the two German cars lying abandoned in the warehouse. First is a Porsche 911 which still has its original engine and a wide body. The Bearded Explorer shows us around the car. It turns out to be a more important example than anticipated. The YouTuber may not have caught it, but the front bumper and body resemble the 1974 911 Carrera RS 3.0, of which only 56 examples were built according to RM Sotheby’s.

The 3.0-liter flat-six engine in the Carrera RS 3.0 is tuned to make 230 hp as standard but can improved to 330 hp in full race-tune. It boasts a 0-60 mph time of 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph. A low mileage, good condition example sold for $1.3 million.

Engine Specs

Manufacturer Porsche
Displacement 3.0-Liter
Configuration Flat-6
Power 220-330hp
Fuel Gasoline
Production Volume 56 units (1974)

Source: RM Sotheby’s

Key Cars And Their Conditions In The Warehouse Collection

  • Finding an abandoned Ford Mustang is unusual in Europe.
  • Only 56 examples of the 1974 Porsche 911 Carerra RS 3.0 were built.
  • The YouTuber is quite sure there is a BMW 2002 abandoned in the warehouse.
  • Two Mk1 Volkswagen Golfs and a Beetle left to weather away in the collection.

The other German car that impressed the YouTuber is a BMW 2002. Like the Porsche, the BMW is also painted in red. The badges are missing, but the host is quite sure it’s a BMW 2002. However, the engine is missing, there is some rust at the bottom of the sills and wheel arches. Most of the interior is also missing but the front seats are left in the car.

However, other German models in the collection include a pair of Volkswagen Golf Mk1 models, one of which is possibly a GTI hot hatch. Next to it is a blue VW Beetle that looks in great shape. The interior is dusty but is in very good condition.

The rear of the Beetle still has its engine. The broken windshield and missing steering wheel aside, the host claims the car can clean up like new again. Opening the hood of one of the Golfs, the host suggests that none of the cars seem to have any accident damage. The engine bay of the Golf is straight and the motor looks complete as well.

An Original Mini Hides Away In The Back

Original Mini Cooper abandoned in wearhouse
The Bearded Explorer via YouTuve

The host also stumbles upon a completely rust-free original Mini in the warehouse. The Mini is prone to rust around the wheel arches, and the Host reveals that even those look solid and rust-free. The exterior of the Mini is painted back, but the visible metal on the interior and the engine bay are painted in metallic blue.

So at some point, the car has been resprayed, but the shade of blue may not have been the original color either, as suggested by the video. Strangely, the lower part of the hood is green, suggesting it may be lifted from another example. Under the hood, the host reveals the motor is a yellow block, meaning it’s a 1.0-liter engine.

A Renault 10, Kawasaki, And Multiple Fiats Left Abandoned

Interior of a Fiat abandoned in wearhouse
The Bearded Explorer via YouTuve

List Of Some Cars Abandoned In The Collection

  • Ford Mustang
  • Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RS
  • BMW 2002
  • Renault 10
  • Mini
  • Multiple Fiats
  • Volkswagen Golf Mk1
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1
  • Volkswagen Beetle

There are other vehicles in the collection including multiple Fiats, a Renault 10, a truck, a forklift, the skeleton of a Kawasaki motorcycle, and much more. All these cars seem to have been left for a long time considering how much dust that has gathered.

The condition of the building seems to be good, and the host claims it can protect the cars from weather very well. The Bearded Explorer has indeed struck classic car gold in this old warehouse. All these cars deserve to be back on the road, but unfortunately, they sit unloved, gathering dust.

Sources: The Bearded Explorer, Ford, Porsche, bmw2002.co.uk, RM Sotheby’s

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