Exploring the Ultra Rare 1 of 5 Ford Cortina GT Wagon Barn Find – A Treasured Discovery in Automotive History

The Hagerty YouTube channelThe Hagerty YouTube channel hosts a variety of different car culture content, but their barn finds segment has a huge following and this video shows why. The high-quality video production with sharp, stunning footage paired with documenting some of the most interesting and rare cars is a recipe for success.

Hagerty is no stranger to weird cars, and this video does not disappoint with a huge garage of cars that may be completely off the radar of many car enthusiasts.

The video focuses on a very rare Ford Cortina GT wagon that is the only documented car of its kind known to exist. The Cortina model and the Lotus Cortina variant, have been somewhat lost to time, but the Cortina is arguably the first proper fast Ford and is a barn find hunter’s dream.

Ford Produced The Mark One Cortina Wagon From 1962-1966

Tom from Hagerty explains that he met a nice fellow at a Cars and Coffee meet and ended up getting invited to check out a warehouse full of rare cars. Pulling up to the obscure commercial building, Tom gets greeted by some absolute barn find gems.

Tom nerds out over a Ford Cortina Deluxe station wagon which is in original condition and comes with a 4-cylinder engine with the intake and exhaust mounted on the same side of the head. The Mark One Ford Cortina found racing success with the legendary Jim Clark behind the wheel in 1964 as Tom fondly remembers.

This particular wagon got released before the GT model, which is the higher-performance variant of the Cortina. The Cortina wagon is a rare collector’s car, and Tom gets surprised to hear that the owner drives it to car meets and even sleeps in the back of the car.

1 of 5 Ford Cortina GT Wagon

Light blue barn find wagon parked inside
YouTube @Hagerty

Moving to the back of the garage, Tom wets his lips as he spots a row of old Ford Cortinas in various states of disrepair. He states that these are the types of barn finds he really loves. They move over to a Ford Cortina GT wagon that the collector found in an old barn in Pennsylvania.

He just happened upon the car by chance and took a picture of it in the dark, only later got told that it was possibly the very last example of a left-hand drive Ford Cortina GT wagon to still exist.

Tom confirms the facts about the Ford Cortina GT being the intermediary model between the base Cortina and the Lotus Cortina models. This specific GT wagon could be one out of a total of about five cars produced for the Mounties to test in Canada, making it one of the most obscure and rare barn finds for Hagerty to date.

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