The 1995 Chevy Impala Transforms into a Ute Pickup with Clear El Camino Aspirations – Blending Nostalgia with Modern Ingenuity

We love a digital rendering at HotCars, and one of the best digital artsits we have seen is Oscar Vargas, or wb.artist20 on Instagram. In one of his latest renderings, Vargas has taken the 1955 Chevrolet Impala and turned it unto an all-new and unique Ute pickup truck design, with some clear design cues to the Chevrolet El Camino. The pickup is a stunning example of what can be done with a rendering, and its excessive aero body kit takes it to a new level.

With a mixture of colors and some additional components, this Chevrolet Impala is now transformed into something we didn’t think possible. It shows how good the Impala would have looked if Chevrolet did a pickup truck version.

The Impala Features Major Bodywork Changes

The changes to the bodywork of the Impala are noticeable instantly, with a crazy front-end design highlighting the additions that Vargas has added. The front shows a new splitter and lip, a bit change from the standard Impala that should add extra front-end downforce. Vargas has reworked the headlight design to incorporate modern LEDs while the Impala has gained a widebody appearance thanks to the larger wheel fender flares visible at the front. These changes give the Impala pickup truck the looks and aggression of a modern racing Ute. All while retaining the Impala lines.

Chevrolet Impala Pickup Render Front View Parked
via wb.artist20 Instagram Page

The hood has seen a massive change as well, with a huge bulge down the middle. This hints at some pretty major changes under the skin, with more power and perhaps some turbocharging beneath that big black hood. The front of the Impala is a mixture of green and black, the black in matte to contrast against the glossy green of the main bodywork. The matte helps the additional components such as the splitter to really stand out in dramatic fashion. Further down the Impala are plenty of other radical changes.

The Impala Has Become A Fully Fledged Pickup Truck

Chevrolet Impala Pickup Render Rear Quarter View Parked
via wb.artist20 Instagram Page

What was a regular sedan has now become a fully fledged pickup truck. The front cabin area remains as you would expect, but replaced now with a large pickup bed for carrying lots of luggage. The size of the pickup is quite impressive, with it being bigger than some genuine Chevrolet pickup trucks such as the controversial and the retro SSR. A small rear window sits where the rear passenger area would have started, and of course the addition of the pickup bed means there are just two doors on the Impala versus the four of the original.

The side reveals the excessive changes made to the bodywork. The size of the fender flares is obvious, with them arching over some very cool new wheel designs. The wheels feature an aggressive multi-spoke design. Down the side of the Impala is a bulked up waistline, with larger side skirts and a neat bulge running through the center of them. Red brake calipers are visible behind the wheels, adding extra contrast to the black and green of the bodywork. The extra bodywork extends to the back of the pickup with the changes bulking up the rear quarter panels.

At the back, Vargas has added a neat rear wing to create a little bit of extra downforce for the pickup. This sits atop the bed and the slimmed rear fascia, which looks very different without the Impala rear-end. Below that, is a black diffuser, clearly much bigger than anything the Impala had as standard. The new exhaust layout incorporates one on either side of the back-end, while the taillights are now modernized. Similar to the Impala’s headlights. The back and the rear bed is where the El Camino vibes really start to become visible, and this would be a perfect way to revive the classic Chevrolet pickup truck.

Source: wb.artist20 Instagram Page

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