The Tale of Why a Super Rare 1967 Ford Mustang GT 390 Lay Abandoned in a Barn for 50 Years- Unlocking the Mystery

Occasionally with barn finds, a real gem can be unearthed. If that car is a 1967 fastback Ford Mustang then that is even better. This muscle car though is extra special, as it is a one-of-one Ford Mustang GT 390 fastback that has sat in its barn for 50 years, abandoned and unloved. A Marti Report helps to back up that this 390 GT Automatic is as rare as it says it is. With it including extra trim and new-old-stock Ford parts to help replace that trim.

The muscle car, showcased on YouTube by Nobody’s Show, is so original that the parts even come in their original Ford wrappers. This fantastic Mustang is now up for sale too, and it is begging to be restored to show off one of the rarest 1960s Mustangs in existence.

The Abandoned 1967 Mustang Was Found In Primer Ahead Of Restoration

Adding to the allure of this car is its current condition, with it set for restoration at one point hence it is in primer undercoat. The restoration never got going, so it has sat in this condition since 1975. Luckily for the Mustang, it has been in dry storage since then and out of the elements. Meaning it is nearly rust-free and other than the primer paint the bodywork is in great condition. The unrestored condition of the Mustang though is just the start.

The Marti Report states that it has a 390 four-barrel engine under the hood. An engine you would find in 1967 Mustang Fastbacks with 17,350 Mustangs in total sold with these engines in that year. The 6.4-liter 390 V8 would produce 335 hp and 427 lb-ft of torque. The 390 V8 engine made its debut in the Mustang in 1967. This particular Fastback originally had Brittany Blue paint, with its blue vinyl bucket seats complimenting the exterior. In 1967, Ford produced 472,209 Mustangs. But this example has extra chrome décor that makes it stand out among all the others.

1967 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback Marti Report
via Nobody’s Show YouTube Channel

Only 230 examples of the 1967 Mustangs were painted in Brittany Blue, with only 104 of those featuring the blue bucket seats like this one. And out of those 104, only one 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback had the Exterior Décor Group trim added. Which is this particular example. That is why this is a one-of-one Mustang, and it’s part of the highly popular Fastback editions which are some of the hottest cars on the market right now. Particularly for the 1967 and 1968 model years. Finding them, let alone in good condition, is becoming an increasingly harder undertaking.

The Former Owner Of The Mustang Brought A Plethora Of Parts From Ford

1967 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback Spare Parts In Boxes
via Nobody’s Show YouTube Channel

Whoever buys this particular Mustang will get a huge amount of spare parts. The owner bought up a load of new-old-stock parts directly from Ford in the 1970s. The parts are in the back of the car, and many of them are still in their original Ford wrappers, such as the 1967-wheel opener moldings. These parts are part of the Exterior Décor Group, which makes these original spare parts rare themselves. A lot of the value of these parts will be due to them still being in their original wrapping. So any buyer may be reluctant to use them!

There are also a vast amount of Ford spares in their original boxes that come as part of the sale. Including a full set of taillights for the Mustang. The parts themselves are in great condition but so are the boxes they are in, looking like they have come off the shelf in a store. Bumper guards are also included in the package of spare parts, as well as their all-new rubber strips. The Motorcraft tags are still on the strips, which luckily haven’t perished meaning they are in perfect usable order.

1967 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback Barn Find Interior
via Nobody’s Show YouTube Channel

The trunk is fully stashed with even more goodies. Some of the interior trim is in here, as is the front grille. But tucked into new boxes are new lamps for the Mustang, a pair of backup lighting assemblies, and more. Many of the other parts are still in storage, such is the extent of the parts that come with it. When it comes to what is already a part of the Mustang, most of the parts are all original which adds more to the value.

The 1967 Fastback Mustang Has Its Original 390 V8 Engine In Storage

1967 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback Engine bay
via Nobody’s Show YouTube Channel

While not shown in the video as it is in storage, it does state that the car has its original Ford 390 cubic inch V8 engine. It helps make this the special Mustang what it is, as does the fact the original automatic transmission is sat in storage. The car currently has a four-speed manual. But the original owner of the car allegedly pulled the automatic from the Mustang to preserve it for the future. He wanted to enjoy driving it but did not want to damage the original transmission.

The same was also done with the engine, as under the hood at the moment is a small-block V8 engine. So both the transmission and 390 V8 will have virtually no miles on the clock. Meaning they should give the new owner many years of service if they fit them back into the car. Coming to the body panels of the Mustang, they are all in incredible condition and fit perfectly, as they did when the car left the factory. The doors fit as they should and there are even traces of that original Brittany Blue paintwork on the sills.

1967 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback Barn Find Front Quarter
via Nobody’s Show YouTube Channel

The four-speed shifter is visible inside the car, with the former owner ensuring that new, factory Ford pedals were also installed. We get a good look underneath at the car and this reveals an original Thrush muffler on the exhaust. The homemade traction bars also helped define the period of the Mustang. The glimpse underneath the car also shows how good things like the rocker panels and frame rails are preserved. Only very minor spots of rust were found, and not rust that is going to cause a problem.

1967 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback Barn Find Side View
via Nobody’s Show YouTube Channel

The 1967 Mustang Fastback holds a special place in many people’s hearts due to its significance. It was the first major facelift and redesign to the Mustang following its launch in the mid-1960s. The facelift itself is appealing, with a more prominent sloped back creating a sleeker appearance for the muscle car. Ford made the grille larger to increase breathing for the V8 engine. While it also added some extra aggression to the appearance of the Mustang.

The interior is also another focal point for the 1967 Mustang, with Ford working hard to improve the quality of the cabin as part of the facelift. A new dash with a fresh design, including a tachometer, was part of the refresh as were the new, thick, and plush seats. The 1967 Mustang Fastback is already a popular muscle car, but we think this one has taken that to another level.

Source: Nobody’s Show YouTube Channel

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